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Emil Kozak

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Emil Kozak

BORN: 30.10.1980
RESIDENCE: Barcelona, Spain
OCCUPATION: Graphic Artist

I hope that my work can remind us that imagination can defy gravity and bend time. It is our own responsibility to enjoy every second of the day. Nobody else can do that for us. Have fun, do what you love, love what you do. We might get thrown off this spinning ball of iron and mantle tomorrow.

I grew up on a small island in southern Denmark. Miraculously the local gas-station had a copy of The Endless summer II. Being a fanatic skateboarder, the surfing world spoke to me. I contacted the local Mattress factory to get some of their leftover poly-urethane, and made 2 bodyboards. One painted in blue, and the other in green…complete with a velcro-leash, that my grandmom helped me to sew.
A friend and me, would keep an eye on the sea-forecast on teletext, and whenever it looked good we would take the bus to the beach. It wasn’t exactly Hawaii, but the experience left a big impression on me. Later I saved up for a real surfboard, and slowly got more into it.

Fastforward 18 years and the sea and surfing plays a even bigger role in my life. After countless surftrips around the world, the magic of the ocean still keep me spellbound.