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2x1 SWIMWEAR limited time only!

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Galician fishing boats drift into port through the sea mist. They dock and unload their catch – a ritual as old as time. There, on the harbour wall, the old world meets the new. A transistor radio crackles our new collection’s playlist!

This Northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula retains a symbiotic relationship with the sea: take only what you need, nourish, then replenish.

There is so much here for urban communities to learn. A society is only as strong as the bonds it shares with nature. Therein lies the inspiration for Urban Ocean.

Fresh styles, derived from circular design processes, that rise from the sea to walk the streets. A new perspective, grounded in the belief that all life is interconnected.   

Warm fleeces crafted from recycled materials. Patterns inspired by ocean reflections. A look and feel that, like a lighthouse, guides you back to what matters most.