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How B Corp™ Certification Reflects TWOTHIRDS’ Core Values

4 min read

How B Corp™ Certification Reflects TWOTHIRDS’ Core Values

On March 1st 2023, we announced that TWOTHIRDS had become a certified B Corp™. This certification involves an in-depth impact assessment, and is only granted to companies that meet high environmental, social, and legal standards. At present, around 6,200 businesses worldwide make the grade, placing TWOTHIRDS in a small pool of innovative companies. We see B Corp as a mark of our decade-long drive to deliver eco-friendly fashion to the European market - and beyond…

How B Impact Assessment™ works: 

  • Our sustainability manager (shoutout to Lukas!) answers 300 multiple-choice questions across 5 impact areas.
  • We deliver the evidence required to back-up these answers.
  • An initial B Corp score is provided, and we’re invited to improve, or resubmit our evidence.
  • B Lab issues the final score. To qualify for their certification, this must be above 80.

At the tail end of 2022, our B Impact Assessment drew to a close. We were given a total of 83.4 points, which is well above the ‘median score for ordinary businesses’ of 50.9.  

B Corp isn’t the only third-party certification out there, so you might be wondering why we chose this one. Well, the B Corp movement really resonates with our core values of protecting what we love (the ocean) and delivering goods for a better future! 

Nature And People First

The B in B Corp stands for Benefit For All. A motto that appeals to our aim of being an ethical and eco-friendly business. That is, by looking after the myriad of workers involved in the production of our clothing, and reducing the environmental impact caused by this production. There is no better way to measure that than through a standard as rigorous as B Corp. It takes a holistic stance - from inclusivity and anti-racism, through to environment and ethics - preferencing no single issue above any other. 

That said, since 2010, TWOTHIRDS has kept one value closest to our heart. Ocean protection. This clearly defined mission helped us to receive a great score in the governance category, relating to the way that a company evaluates its corporate, environmental and social goals, and incorporates them into management targets. 

A Vibrant Movement Of Forward-Thinking Businesses

In an interview from the new TWOTHIRDS Eco Report, our founder Lutz, states: “it was important for us to substantiate our claims with a third-party certification that is a movement instead of tied to one specific industry.” In fact, by connecting ethical businesses across different industries, B Lab is trying to rewire the economy. They express this intention in a powerful way: “the B Global Network’s Theory of Change guides our mission to transform the economic system into a more inclusive, equitable, and regenerative global economy.” That word, “regenerative” particularly stands out for us. It means the shift away from extractive business models towards new systems that actually benefit the planet. This is exactly what TWOTHIRDS has hoped to achieve for a long time. 

B Lab says that, “certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.” Another reason we’re proud to be a B Corp!

Wave Goodbye To Greenwashing

B Corp offers companies like us a chance to prove that our green values are backed up by our social and environmental performance. Basically, that we’re as good as our word. This has never been more important. Greenwashing is a 21st Century marketing tactic - akin to slapping a green label on a product without changing its composition or production process. Customers have grown rightly sceptical of such claims. They know that just saying you’re green is no longer enough. 

TWOTHIRDS has always taken a critical view of greenwashing. Fortunately, as sustainability is part of our brand’s DNA, we don’t suffer from the same dilemma that many big brands face today, which amounts to a complete rethink of the way they produce clothing (if they are to reduce environmental impact). The gap between thought and action is often where greenwashing comes in. 

Meanwhile, getting B Corp certified by a council of independent experts was the latest step to securing our eco-credentials, showing that we are at the forefront of sustainable fashion

PRE-ORDER: The Missing Piece?

B Corp resonates with our values of ocean protection, ethical business, and social change. But there was one area where the two of us didn’t align: the positive impact of PRE-ORDER! This approach to making clothing is one of our core values - it is what makes our production system possible, and reduces waste to a bare minimum. In turn, this addresses one of fashion’s most environmentally damaging problems: overproduction. 

Lutz says “it was a crazy moment when we realised that there was no adequate impact model for us in the B Corp Assessment that would reflect (PRE-ORDER).”  

However, we love that B Lab listens to its community and that the certification standard is not set in stone, inviting amendment. In that way, B Corp puts the “evolution” into “revolution”. 

Looking Ahead…

B Corp certification needs to be renewed every 3 years. We’ve got our sights set on a higher score next time round, and look forward to sharing our progress with you!