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Women’s Day 2023 - The Inspiring Women Behind TWOTHIRDS!

4 min read

Women’s Day 2023 - The Inspiring Women Behind TWOTHIRDS!

On any working day, on any given week, our office springs to life with the joy, creativity, and hardwork of the women behind TWOTHIRDS! 75% of our team are women: they make vital decisions, take our brand to new heights, and uphold the values we each stand for. Eco. Ocean. Change.

Without these inspiring women, we’d be nowhere! That principle stretches right back to when TWOTHIRDS was founded in 2010. With the support of his partner, Loreto, Lutz set up shop in the Basque country, and the pair imbued our brand with the values of fairness, and family. Since then Loreto has informed the company’s image, shaping the way TWOTHIRDS is perceived and communicates its core message. 

Recently, having become a mum for the fourth time, she launched Children Of The Ocean - TWOTHIRDS’ line of clothing for the “little ones who will change the world.” 

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023

Even within fashion, women don’t always get the credit they deserve, or the pay they need. International Women’s Day 2023 is a chance to correct that, and build on existing frameworks. We’re proud that our brand has already delivered on one of the main objectives of International Women’s Day - to build workplaces where women thrive

It’s also up to us to make sure that everyone knows what an important role women play in the close-knit ecosystem that is TWOTHIRDS. Here’s a list of all the departments where women make a difference. Note: the W sign means that the department is run by women

  • Branding (W) 
  • Campaigns (W) 
  • Customer service
  • Facilities (W) 
  • Fashion Design (W)
  • Marketing (W) 
  • Office Management (W)
  • Pattern-making (W)
  • Project Management (W)
  • Shooting (W) 
  • Translation
  • Audiovisual
  • Web (W) 

  • Woah! That’s a lot, right?

    The majority of the workers in our partner factories are also women, who are paid fairly under favourable labour laws in Portugal. 

    So in answer to the question, why do we celebrate International Women’s Day? We’d say: it would be wrong not to. TWOTHIRDS believes in equity, equality, and most of all: the smiles of our brilliant colleagues. Women’s Day should be every day. 

    Here are a few inspiring stories from our design team.

    Pilar, Design Guru

    Pilar grew up in a small town in the region of Valencia. She was immersed in the world of textiles from a young age, spending time in her mother’s tailor’s shop. This “little” store had an almost mythical quality, capturing the hearts of locals who would return year after year, generation after generation. A much-loved member of the team, Pilar has now been head of fashion design at TWOTHIRDS for about 8 years running. 

    From The Archives: 

    “It’s telling that whenever she is asked about her job, Pilar switches to the third person. This seems to reflect a selfless mentality in which “we” always comes before “I”. She’s incredibly proud of the team and the way they work, with each person contributing to the whole, “motivating each other to do better each time”. - Designed by Pilar García  

    Marina, Material Maestro

    With similar roots to Pilar, Marina grew up in a family fashion environment that had her pitching in with customers and building up an understanding of comfortable fabrics and enduring details. We frequently turn to Marina for insights into the compositions of her dynamic underwear and swimwear designs - which are purposefully sustainable.

    From The Archives: 

    “As someone who has drastically reduced her intake of animal products in recent years, Marina is, once again, at the forefront of ensuring TWOTHIRDS underwear is kind to ecosystems and the creatures that rely on them.” - Eco Underwear Made By Women, For Women

    Eli, Queen Of Prints

    Eli is one of our most experienced fashion designers. She has an infectious laugh and positive attitude that rubs off on all our staff at TWOTHIRDS! As one might expect of a fashion designer, Eli has an artistic side, sometimes designing the prints that go on our women’s garments. Along with Marina, Helena, and Pilar, she collaborates closely with our suppliers in Portugal - from whom she sourced our latest floral prints.  

    From The Archives:

    “We have been wanting to give a more feminine touch to our garments for a long time. I think our prints transmit joy and are a good wildcard to combine with plain garments, giving a little more colour and personality to a look.” - Team Journal: Floral Prints, A Seasonal Gamechanger

    The Next Generation Of Inspiring Women

    We think the percentage of women in our workforce sets a good example for the next generation, who are also pictured in our team shoot: Loreto and Lutz’ daughters! Seeing that inspiring women occupy positions of power within our company means they’ll grow up expecting nothing less than that for themselves. The way it should be.