Sustainable Accessories for Kids

What is SEAQUAL® and why does it feature in your towels?

The benefits of SEAQUAL® are manifold: it is a sustainable fabric made entirely of recycled plastics, 10% of which are derived from ocean plastic, which would otherwise be left to clog up precious natural habitats. It features in our towels because of its inherent stretch, strength and versatility.

How should I clean stains off my child’s Whale Teddy?

We always suggest giving our Whale Teddy nothing more than a light and gentle surface clean. Simply wipe away the stain with a wet cloth and then leave to dry. More stubborn stains can be treated with a natural stain remover like baking soda. If you insist on machine washing the Whale Teddy, put it inside a pillowcase, to provide extra protection, and then wash at the lowest temperature setting and gentlest spin setting available.

Why is organic muslin a good fabric for scrunchies?

Because it’s super soft, kind to skin and made organically, so that kids can tie their hair up with a sustainable accessory that cares for them and the planet.