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What are sustainable jeans made from?

Our sustainable jeans are mostly made from 100% organic cotton and some of them are woven with recycled polyester thread. Many of our eco jeans are completely vegan and low water impact denim washed. The nickel-free eco rivets, buttons, and zipper not only enhance their aesthetic appeal but also reflect our attention to detail and environmental consciousness. By steering clear of pesticides, we protect both ecosystems and the customer. Our ethical jeans aren't just a clothing choice; they're sustainability and quality combined.

How to wash eco-friendly jeans?

To wash eco-friendly jeans optimally, first check if they really need washing or can be worn again to reduce wear. If washing is necessary, turn them inside out and either wash them by hand using cold water and mild eco-friendly detergent or use a gentle cycle on your washing machine with cold water. Avoid the use of bleach and harsh detergents. After washing, hang the eco jeans to air dry in a shaded area, avoiding direct sunlight. This mindful approach will help maintain the integrity of the sustainable materials while keeping your jeans clean and cared for.

Where have my ethical jeans been produced?

Regional production is a key aspect of the TWOTHIRDS supply chain. The production phase of the sustainable jeans takes place in Europe, mainly in Portugal, France or Italy. The production phase of our ethical jeans is mostly located in Portugal because the northern region of the country has a traditional textile manufacturing industry, known for its high quality and precise craftsmanship.

How can I combine eco jeans into a sustainable outfit?

Eco jeans, being a versatile garment, serve as the perfect neutral base and can be paired with a sustainable shirt or eco-friendly t-shirt that will add personality to any outfit. Selecting fashionable sneakers is also key. Opt for eco-friendly sneakers for a more casual appearance, or boots for something more polished, depending on the occasion. If you need inspiration to create looks that feature your eco-friendly jeans, you can always check out our blog where you will find plenty of new ideas.