Aspland — Rust Stripes

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  • Made in Europe
  • Recover™
  • Vegan

A sustainable top that boasts a sleek vertical rib design, the Aspland stands out for many reasons: elbow length sleeves, a high neck, and a long cut that begs to be tucked into high-rise pants.  

Features a slim fit, accompanied by our embroidered whale. 

Designed in Barcelona. Crafted in Portugal. 

  • Recover™: 55% recycled polyester, 42% recycled cotton, 3% other fibres
  • Helps to avoid fashion and plastic waste
  • Pesticide free and reduced water usage
  • Durable fabric
  • Vegan

    The model’s height is 1.74m and she is wearing a size S.

    For an accurate image of the garment's colour, please see the last product picture. 


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    Global fashion industry returns cause 24 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. That’s the yearly emissions of 5.1 million cars. 



    The fashion resolution. 

    If you had to pick two or three of the biggest polluters in fashion, you’d likely name clothing waste, cotton and polyester. Recover™ offers a solution to all three!

    The fibre is created from disused clothing and textile waste to stop landfill, and recycle instead. As cotton and polyester cause environmental damage at production level, by using a recycled version - we can skip those impacts.

    Which means huge savings in CO₂, energy and fossil fuels. Importantly for us, neither water nor synthetic chemicals are involved in the Recover™ process.

    All this, while providing a resilient yet soft material that uses what already exists. 

    That way the planet can rest, relax, even: recover.