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The Hunt Family

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The Hunt Family

BORN: 3/4/79 (Jorge) / 15/7/79 (Marge)
RESIDENCE: Suances, Cantabria, Spain
NATIONALITIES: Spanish (Margarita) / British (Jorge)
OCCUPATION: English Language School Management (Jorge & Marge) / Passionate film photographer and videographer (jorgehunt.com)

For seven years Jorge and Marge were living far from each other due to their studies and work (between London, Cantabria & Valencia). The time finally came when they could settle down and move together to their home, back to their roots; the place where they belong, by the mountains and by the ocean.

They live in a small village in Cantabria near the sea which they believe is the perfect place to raise a family. It’s a place where everything that is precious to them is right there, round the corner from their house.

All Marge’s passions have always been involved with the environment and nature. Raised in a family that loves making the best out of mother nature whether it’s rock climbing, trekking, sailing, windsurfing, or skiing. Then she decided to study agricultural engineering so she could be close to what she loves.

Jorge on the other hand has a more musical background thanks to his English father who lived the sixties musical era, those magical years, in London and who gave him his first analogue camera. Jorge combined music and photography. He enjoyed putting up DIY concerts, playing in bands, working on fanzines and meeting tons of different groups from all over. Music became his lifestyle.

They then both wanted to start something completely new. Something that would take them even further in their relationship, to another level, something that would make them feel closer to nature. Surfing became part of their lives. They’ve travelled to different parts of the world such as Hawaii, California (several times), France, Portugal …
They can’t get enough of it and whenever only one of them is in the water it always feels there’s something missing. The glide, the sound, sharing the stoke and the nonstop smiles are what completely hooked them to this inexplicable feeling. It’s not just surfing a bunch of waves, it’s music, peace and art all in one. It’s pure love.

Now their new adventure is to raise their son Elliott and to teach him what’s important in life: to respect the environment that surrounds us, to travel around the world, to be mindful, humble and helpful and hopefully, to share the same waves some day.