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Álvaro Sanz

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Álvaro Sanz

BORN: 06.01.1977 (Hospitalet de L'Infant, Tarragona)

RESIDENCE: Residence?? Hahaha, Barcelona right now.
OCCUPATION: Photographer and Film Director

I was born in a village by the Mediterranean Sea, close to Tarragona. . If you ask me about my childhood, most of my memories are related to  summer. At the age of 4 I started to sailing on my fathers boat, where I basically spend all summer. At the beach I could not resist any sport that involved a board and water. 
At the age of 12 I started climbing and this discovery took me into the mountains.
Although I've never been a great climber, I've always been attracted to rocks and
the view you get, when you reach the top.

The camera accompanies me since I am 15, the same age I started working at the local television station.
I am passionate about storytelling and alternate between photography and video. What I enjoy the most is telling inspirational stories. I have traveled all over the world looking for the beauty of nature as well as to challenge myself and test my limits. In Alaska I felt humbled by rocks at the foot of the Denali and in Antarctica how small we really are, being on a boat surrounded by twelve meter high waves.
I want to continue traveling the world, but above all, when I am older, I want to look back and I feel proud of what I have done for the land and the sea that made me vibrate since I was little.