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10 Sustainable Style Tips For XMAS!

5 min read

10 Sustainable Style Tips For XMAS!

The key to a wholesome Christmas is good preparation, and the same is true of outfits. Perhaps your gifts are beautifully wrapped, the firewood neatly chopped, and the seating plan impeccably thought-through - but as for what to wear? Let’s not leave it to chance. Whether you’re dressing for parties, a day indoors, or christmas walks, we’re on hand to give you 10 of the most practical tips for styling sustainable looks this xmas

These ten style pointers will not only help you look great at xmas, but also ensure you manage your fashion footprint efficiently. Each garment of reference is constructed from organic, recycled, or natural materials that are kinder to the planet than conventional materials. We’ve also chosen style tips and sustainable garments that are easily applied to different settings, keeping things nice and versatile. So fear not - you’ve come to the right place for christmas style tips.

1. Xmas jumpers? It’s A Yes From Us

Xmas jumpers are about as controversial as it gets during the holiday season! Personally? We think they’re great, especially when made from sustainable materials like recycled wool or organic cotton. Charm your dinner guests and put a smile on the face of your nearest and dearest with our specially designed christmas knitwear. One sustainable style tip would be to wear the Chiswell (pictured above) with some wide-legged slacks, jeans, or simple loungewear.

2. Make Way For Warm-Toned Stripes

As doting ocean lovers, we’re counting on you to head for a winter’s walk by the coast! And even if you don’t feel like braving windswept beaches, you can bring the ocean home by revelling in our beautiful Levitha, with its golden brown / blue contrasting stripes and complementary whale embroidery. Our sustainable style tip? We’d recommend warm-toned stripes at this time of year to differentiate from your summer looks and boost any ailing winter moods.

3. Curl Up In Soft Woolen Jackets

Regardless of what you wear underneath, you’re going to need a beautiful outfit-defining jacket to shield you from the cold. This season we focused on easy-on-the-eye woollen jackets that feature cute details - like rounded hems and gathered sleeves. Pair the Ramea with a neutral-toned or matching green knit, and a beautiful beanie for an irresistible xmas day / brunch date look.

4. Check Out This Polo Sweat

In case you’re not a fan of christmas knits and jumpers, you could always earn yourself some serious style points with our beautiful polo neck knit. Coming in our popular shade of aqua green and featuring panel patterns that give it a vintage look, this soft recycled jumper, Skomer, will keep you warm on cold xmas nights. Our sustainable styling tip would be to pair it with some dark denim trousers like the Eigg - which are produced using less water, are made from organic cotton, and keep things beautifully simple for your xmas wardrobe.

5. Embrace The Statement Dress

Whether looking for a more homely style, or dressing up for a xmas party - a single elegant dress can elevate your xmas wardrobe. Take the gorgeous Vanavana sustainable dress, which comes in the unofficial colour of xmas (rouge) or a versatile black, and is woven from TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres. Alternatively, for a little christmas sparkle, try out our Meemu floral dress, which is also made from an eco-friendly fibre and features a blossom-inspired print.

6. Give Muslin Suspenders A Go

Suspenders add an unusual twist to an outfit, not least when they’re made from a super soft wavy fabric like muslin! The Robertson Deep Lake feel super lightweight and comfy as well as being constructed from a textured organic cotton material. If opting for this special look at xmas, keep things casual by wearing it with sneakers and a pale blue top.

7. Treat Yourself To Luxe Loungewear

As Harper’s Bazaar notes, this is deluxe loungewear’s time to shine. The 25th of December is the one day of the year when it’s socially acceptable to stay in your pyjamas well past noon. So make sure you’ve got a lush pair of pants and a comfy top to see you through the day in style. We’d single out our Ariadna Red and Aegina Red as prime examples. Or, snuggle into our sustainable waffle fabrics courtesy of garments like the Bawal (striped jumper) and Fresia (washed green sweat). 

8. Bring In Velvet Details

Velvet and Xmas go together like mince pies and mulled wine. Add a velvety touch to your look by turning to scrunchies like the Lausma. Made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, and elastane, this sustainable style is stretchy, practical and easy to wear with most outfits. It adds a subtly festive touch to your look. 

For a more generous dose of ultra-soft velvet, check out the Abruka loungewear pants. An emerald green that shimmers in the morning light. 

9. ‘Tis The Season For Cardigans

Ready to launch into your favourite xmas carol? Don’t even think about it - unless you’re wearing a seasonal cardigan! Very much on trend right now, we recommend enhancing your outfits with jacquard patterned cardigans like our Kaula. Available in either deep green or grey base colours, these recycled cardigans can be paired with checked trousers, jeans, or corduroy. A truly versatile wardrobe saviour for xmas

10. Warm Socks Are Welcome

As well as being a fool-proof gift for christmas, these warm organic socks provide a lovely sustainable detail for any outfit. With the colder weather very much upon us, it’s vital you keep your feet nice and toasty. These sustainable socks are knitted in cloud-soft organic cotton - with a touch of recycled polyester and elastane for a snug fit and greater longevity. 

Feel like you’re ready to dive into more sustainable outfits for Xmas? Check out our gift guide for him and her, or shop sustainable styles at New In Men and New In Women. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll be back with more sustainable style tips for Xmas!