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A TWOTHIRDS Throwback: 13 Years Of Sustainable Clothing

3 min read

A TWOTHIRDS Throwback: 13 Years Of Sustainable Clothing

Happy Anniversary ocean lovers! 

It’s been 13 years since our founder Lutz, an avid surfer, paddled out into the daunting world of fashion. Back in 2010, the word “sustainable” was reserved for the likes of the UN, where Lutz had previously worked, and many of the biggest questions remained to be asked about the fashion industry’s toxic relationship with the environment.

Ocean At Heart, Eco In Mind. 

TWOTHIRDS was designed to do something about it, starting with materials that had a smaller ecological footprint. The first item was likely a pair of men’s boardshorts made from recycled polyester. New eco-friendly styles were gradually added, until the brand took a chance and switched locations, from the Basque country to Barcelona.

It is this moment that really stands out for Lutz and his partner Loreto (pictured above, 2019) as being fundamental to their brand’s growth. Beyond the sunnier weather, Barcelona’s access to Mediterranean design, and a sea of talented creatives lifted both spirits and ambitions. Here - with support from our factories in Northern Portugal - TWOTHIRDS could perfect the pre-order system that would turn out to be the backbone of our ethical approach to fashion. 

Somewhat miraculously, much of this happened while the team was composed of less than 10 people! But in the space of a few years, an online transition, and offices in some of the city’s loveliest neighbourhoods, TWOTHIRDS has become a frontrunner of sustainable fashion. Our team now contains more than 50 people.

Next On The TWOTHIRDS Radar

We thought we’d take this opportunity to preview TWOTHIRDS’ upcoming eco-friendly collection.


Stealing the show in the women’s department are floral prints showing the petals we see dotted around our city during Spring. These come courtesy of our brilliant designer, Eli. A colourful spectrum of dresses and tops light up the hanging rails here in the TWOTHIRDS office, just as stripes make their comeback. Stripes have always been a cornerstone of our aesthetic, as timeless as the sea itself. 

Meanwhile, our loungewear section gets a breath of fresh air courtesy of lightweight designs. Pyjama styles made from sustainably sourced LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose and linen, come in a soft ribbed thread for extra flexibility. For the first time, our women’s loungewear will also feature floral patterns - great news for lovers of our intricate prints. 

But it’s also a time for down-to-earth denim, which will come in 3 distinct blues. The majority will arrive from ISKO, our supplier who has EU Ecolabel certification and produces denim that is decolorized with a special “e-flow” finishing effect. This drastically reduces the water footprint of a traditionally thirsty fabric. A mix of organic and recycled cotton makes this our most sustainable denim to date. Skirts, jeans, and overalls coming soon!

Elsewhere, we have a new texture in stock, known as “poplin”. This corded material is usually seen in tailored garments like shirts and jackets, but you’ll find it sprinkled throughout our women’s and men’s collections during Early Spring. 


A fan of our print tees? Join the club! Luckily, Emil Kozak - who played his own important role in the history of TWOTHIRDS - has provided us with stacks of brand new designs. This generation of graphic prints are notable for their use of block colour, geometric patterns and wavey lines. Elsewhere, a creative collaboration will produce a new iconic design on a brand new theme. Stay tuned to find out more.

For something even more relaxed, look out for the Bylot linen shorts - a blast from the past with a new look and cut. They’ll come in striking shades like Golden Brown and Deep Lake.

Speaking of which, you’ll find our new Balavu pants feature that Deep Lake colour too. Already beloved by our team, they come in our popular organic cotton corduroy. Eco-friendly, comforting, and durable - what’s not to like? 

In the men’s collection we’ll also be adding to our eco-friendly denim collection, and introduce a few extra layers. Among them will be the Jaquita, a padded overshirt made from recycled polyester. 


As TWOTHIRDS continues to evolve, we strive to come good on our promise for a better future. There’s lots more to come from the world of sustainable fashion. We hope you’ll stay with us on this journey for many years to come!

Sea You Soon.