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International Surfing Day: 6 Tips to Surf Sustainably

4 min read

International Surfing Day: 6 Tips to Surf Sustainably

Each year, International Surfing Day beckons us to waves and sun-kissed shores, reminding us of not just the thrill of surfing but also our responsibility to care for what we love most: our ocean. This special day highlights the joy of surfing and emphasizes the urgent need to surf sustainably. From choosing eco-friendly gear to adopting mindful practices that protect our marine environments, every wave we ride and footprint we leave impacts our oceans. To celebrate this special day, let’s dive into how we, as a surfing community, can make waves in preserving the beauty and vitality of our oceanic playgrounds.

Importance of International Surfing Day

International Surf Day isn't just an occasion for surf enthusiasts to catch waves; it also amplifies the critical dialogue surrounding ocean conservation. Celebrated globally, this day highlights the intrinsic bond between surfers and the ocean, fostering a communal commitment to protect and preserve our marine environments.

These efforts are increasingly urgent as our oceans face threats from pollution, overfishing, and climate change. International Surfing Day serves as a gentle reminder that every wave ridden is a privilege that comes with responsibilities—to cherish and protect our planet's beautiful, life-giving oceans.

6 Tips for Surfing Sustainably

Surfing sustainably is about making thoughtful choices that minimize our environmental impact and preserve the oceans for future generations. Below are six essential tips to help you ride waves more conscientiously.

Tip 1: Choose eco-friendly surf gear

Opting for sustainable swimwear and eco surf gear is a substantial step toward greener surfing. Start by selecting surfboards made with eco-friendly materials such as recycled foam or sustainably harvested wood. Many companies now offer boards using less toxic resins and recycled plastics.

Additionally, consider investing in wetsuits crafted from limestone-based neoprene or natural rubber rather than traditional petroleum-based neoprene. Even the wax you choose can be eco-conscious, with options available that are made from natural, biodegradable ingredients. Each sustainable choice in your gear contributes significantly to reducing your carbon footprint. For those of us who have the privilege of surfing in warmer waters, it is always investing in ethical boardshorts and sustainable bikinis, such as the ones crafted by TWOTHIRDS, most of which are made from majority recycled plastics and upcycled ocean impact plastics.

Tip 2: Reduce plastic waste

Reducing plastic waste is crucial in protecting ocean health. As a surfer, you can lead by example. Carry reusable water bottles, and if you need snacks, opt for those with minimal packaging or bring your own in reusable containers. Avoid single-use plastics like straws, cutlery, and bags by bringing your alternatives.

Participating in or organizing beach clean-ups can also make a significant impact. Collecting plastic debris not only cleans our surfing spots but also helps protect marine life that might ingest or become entangled in it.

Tip 3: Respect marine life and habitats

Surfing brings us into direct contact with diverse marine ecosystems. It's vital to surf responsibly by understanding and respecting the local wildlife and their habitats. Avoid surfing near nesting sites and be mindful of reefs and grasses, which are crucial for marine biodiversity. Watching wildlife from a respectful distance ensures you don't disrupt their natural behaviors or habitat. Education about local species and ecosystems can enhance your appreciation and commitment to their preservation.

Tip 4: Conserve water resources

While surfing is a water sport, water is a resource that requires mindfulness, even onshore. Be conscious of water use when washing your gear. Opt for eco-friendly soaps and limit the water flow to only what’s necessary. Fixing leaks in wetsuits and reusing old equipment also reduces wastefulness. Additionally, when showering off after a session, keep it brief to conserve fresh water—a precious commodity in many coastal regions.

Tip 5: Support ocean conservation initiatives

Engaging with and supporting ocean conservation efforts can amplify your impact as a sustainable surfer. This can range from educational and advocacy roles to financial support. Look for local and global organizations dedicated to marine protection and consider donating or volunteering. TWOTHIRDS always tries to lead by example in this regard: recently partnering with ocean conservationists Sea Shepherd!

Participating in policy-making, advocating for sustainable practices, and spreading awareness about ocean conservation through social platforms can drive significant change, leveraging your passion for surfing in a positive way.

Tip 6: Surf local and with respect

Traveling to exotic destinations for surfing is thrilling but can also leave a considerable carbon footprint. Instead, try to appreciate local spots more and explore different techniques to enhance your experience closer to home.
When you do travel, choose sustainable transportation options, stay in eco-friendly accommodations, and support local businesses that engage in ethical practices. Moreover, always respect local cultures and customs. Understanding and integrating into the community fosters respect, equality and mutual goodwill.
By choosing to surf sustainably, you embrace a lifestyle that respects and preserves the oceans. Through these simple yet powerful tips, every surfer can contribute to a healthier planet on International Surf Day.


As we celebrate International Surfing Day, embracing these sustainable practices allows us to protect our beloved oceans and marine life. By choosing eco-friendly swimwear, supporting conservation efforts, and being mindful of our impact both in and out of the water, we can enjoy the waves while also safeguarding the environment for future generations of surfers. So, paddle out with purpose, embrace the sustainable surfing mindset, and let every wave you catch be a tribute to our magnificent oceans.