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The Truth About Why Corduroy Never Stops Trending

3 min read

The Truth About Why Corduroy Never Stops Trending

The timelessness of corduroy has confounded many critics of what can be a highly divisive look. Love it or hate it, fashion just can’t get enough of this warm and comfortable fabric. 

Whether it’s all about micro corduroy shirt-jackets, or modern corduroy pants, it seems as if there’s a new corduroy trend every time Autumn rolls around. We know at least a few people who still wear their grandparent’s cords with pride, which testifies to the fabric’s endless appeal! 

As for us, the new TWOTHIRDS collection contains plenty of unique corduroy pieces. Follow us as we deconstruct corduroy’s slow fashion success.  

The Best In Comfort Clothing

The first, and most, obvious reason that corduroy endures is because it is a feel-good fabric. A thick, often cotton-based yarn, corduroy is divided into “wales”, aka thick threads, that give the style its striped effect. Corduroy is undeniably relaxed - and in pants, can almost feel like loungewear - yet is also associated with the scholarly elite. Why? Because wearing corduroy is a stroke of genius!

Just as comfort food can give a wholesome, therapeutic vibe, wearing corduroy just simply feels awesome. We’ve made that even more pronounced in our fall-winter collection which marries a pink corduroy outer with a recycled sherpa fleece inner, for styles like the Percy women’s sustainable jacket (pictured below). 

With regards to corduroy pants, online editorial, FWO talk a good deal of sense: “it doesn’t even matter whether you wear corduroy trousers all day or just for a few hours; your comfort is guaranteed at all times.”

A Little Goes A Long Way

These days it’s not uncommon to see corduroy creeping into unexpected areas of the wardrobe. We’re talking micro corduroy collars, corduroy belts, and other creative ways of sprucing up a look. Just adding that dash of decadence can really lift an outfit. 

As Old As The Pyramids

There are many myths surrounding the origins of corduroy, but our favourite story is the one that says it was first made by the Ancient Egyptians. According to Rake - among other sources - “corduroy’s roots are in the ancient Egyptian city of Al-Fustat. Located near the Nile river, the city became a hub for tough woven fabrics.” In theory, that’s where we get the noun “fustian” from, meaning either “thick, hard-wearing twill cloth” or “pretentious”, “pompous” style.  

It’s pretty amazing to think that an early iteration of corduroy has been around for more than 2,000 years. Another testament to this fabric’s enduring qualities. 

As Young As Tik Tok

What would the Ancient Egyptians have made of today’s trendiest app? Well, they might have been surprised to find that corduroy is a favourite among Gen Z. Whether repurposing baggy corduroy pants or making outfit suggestions with strong undercurrents of cord, the next generation has embraced corduroy’s endless appeal and comfort. 

Personally, we think they’d love the Dangar (below), a minimalist men’s corduroy shirt in an unusual Mediterranean Blue colour, or the Haua women’s corduroy jacket, with recycled sherpa fleece and built-in belt. 

And Now… Sustainable

The best part about corduroy in 2023? It can be completely sustainable. Because corduroy has been traditionally made from the natural fibre, cotton, it was always a short leap away from being more eco-friendly. All of our corduroy styles are made of organic cotton, which we consider to be the baseline of sustainability. In the future, we might look to integrate more recycled cotton, but the sensitive nature of corduroy (it doesn’t look great when creased!) would make that less feasible as recycled fibres generally have a shorter length. 

Corduroy: The Conclusion

Corduroy is one cool customer. It may have been around for thousands of years, but it’s also been reinvented in several different ways. Just a few hundred years ago, it was seen as a working class fabric because of its hard-wearing qualities. Now, just about anyone can wear corduroy and feel proud about it. And yet, corduroy is not without its critics. According to an article about corduroy’s complicated legacy, the sound the fabric makes when worn is a major turn-off for some trendsetters. Apparently, 21st century consumers have grown accustomed to wearing silent clothing, which makes corduroy too attention-grabbing. Our take? We’ve never noticed corduroy’s sonic side-effects before, but if you can ruffle a few fashion feathers by wearing it - then you must be doing something right.