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TWOTHIRDS: Mediterranean Design, Atlantic Resilience

4 min read

TWOTHIRDS: Mediterranean Design, Atlantic Resilience

If one is calm and clear, the other is boisterous and powerful. If one is warm and inviting, the other is cool and electrifying. Extremes in their own right, both have played a role in establishing TWOTHIRDS’ sense of self. 

Meet: the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. 

In this article, we’ll explore what these bodies of water mean to us, and how they symbolise the different values of our ocean-friendly brand. 

Designed in Barcelona…

TWOTHIRDS is based in Barcelona, where the sea meets the city. This fusion has always felt important to us - a clash of marine tradition and urban living. More than this: its relaxed, open vibe and smart-casual street style has worked its way into our design ethic over the years. It's a sustainable and ethical city, with a strong emphasis on local craft. This is a cultural seam we can trace right back to the middle ages, when Barcelona was famous for its artisanal guilds. 

It was really when we moved to Barcelona that the blue company took off: attracting world-class designers and a team of people from all over the world who connected over their love of the ocean. That’s what making sustainable clothing has always been about for us: creativity, choice, and collaboration.

So where does the Mediterranean fit in? 

Our breezy office vibe and design culture is reflected in the waves of the Med. Some refer to it - a little harshly - as a “swimming pool with waves” because it’s so calm! The warm, salt-rich waters, and the transparent colour give the feeling that you’re always on holiday. 

The Mediterranean has become something of a muse for our eco-friendly brand. When we’re not producing the next collection of ethical and sustainable clothing, you’ll find us taking in the bigger picture on one of its golden beaches. The endless vistas of the Mediterranean have inspired many TWOTHIRDS designs, whether in the form of a sunset knit or a wavy print. We also plan our shoots around local locations: the beaches, coves, and corners of Costa Brava that each carry a piece of TWOTHIRDS’ soul.

In short: we’re extremely grateful to live and work by such a beautiful body of water. 

…Crafted In Portugal

The other half of our system is based in family-owned factories in Northern Portugal. We love that our brand embodies the close-knit ties of EU nation states (and neighbours in this case!), and that it taps into a region that is famed for its textile tradition. We expect three things from our factories in Northern Portugal: quality, longevity, and fair labour. There is a certain seriousness and diligence to the attitude of our best-known suppliers in Porto: they’re completely focused on doing a great job. Our factories in Northern Portugal are also renowned for their adherence to environmental regulations. For example, many of them follow GOTS standards, Oeko-Tex 100, and of course, REACH regulations (European regulation that restricts chemical use). Some run on renewable energy, while safe wastewater treatment is common practice. 

Consider now that the Atlantic has shaped, not just the weather, but also the culture of this region. It cuts a completely different profile to the Mediterranean, making some of the biggest waves in the world (see Nazaré), and impressing tourists with its awesome power. The Atlantic ocean reflects what our factories in Northern Portugal bring to the table. They make sure our sustainable clothing is resilient and strong, ready to withstand whatever the world throws at it. 

The Perfect Mix

The Atlantic and the Mediterranean represent the Yin and Yang of our brand. A fine equilibrium between strength and softness, beauty and resilience. As an ocean-inspired company, we take energy from these places. Of course each watery world is faced with its own environmental problems. Particularly in the Mediterranean there are issues with plastic pollution and ghost nets, which can entangle marine wildlife and destroy water quality. In the Atlantic - which is such a vast ocean - issues involve contamination, overfishing and warming waters. Also, microplastic pollution, from the many urban coastlines that are touched by the Atlantic.  

TWOTHIRDS is committed to protecting these habitats by packaging our goods in paper bags and boxes. We also use materials that contain a percentage of recycled marine plastics, as well as working with factories in Portugal that treat waterways with care. Unfortunately, the microfibre issue is a tough one to crack - as many recycled items contain synthetic materials - but can be solved with the application of microfibre filters on consumer washing machines and “guppy bags”. 


Oceans play such a vital role in our lives: from the air we breathe to the water we surf and swim in. It’s only natural to stop and marvel at how they shape the way we do business, too! Whether it’s from our factories in Portugal or our office in Barcelona, the sea informs who we are and the clothing we make.