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Pre-Order and Orders FAQ

1. How do I know if my items are on pre-order?

Before buying, you can find pre-order information on the product page where it is written in green. It will also be stated at checkout. Not all products are pre-order, so if you don’t find this information then the item is already in-stock and will be shipped as normal. Please be sure to check properly first. 

After buying, you will receive an estimated dispatch date in your confirmation email - please be sure to check your spam folder! - and a screenshot of the product page showing the same green text. 

Please be aware after the order is dispatched, it can take up to 10 working days to be delivered.

2. What is a pre-order system? 

This system means that you order before the items have been produced. We then go ahead and make them just for you. Each collection is released on pre-order, that way we only produce the exact amount we need and avoid a lot of beautiful materials going to waste. 

In this video you can see exactly how it works and why we use this system:

3. I haven’t received the order confirmation, how can I get it? 

The order confirmation is sent through email right after you order, so we recommend you to also check your spam folder. However, if you don’t receive the order confirmation in your inbox nor your spam folder, you can contact our Customer Service team through our Contact Form. They will send you the confirmation manually. 

4. Can I split my order if the items have different dispatch dates? 

A standard order will be sent altogether in one single parcel, on the date of the product with the latest dispatch. Even though splitting an order is not the best option to reduce CO2 emissions, we do understand that sometimes you are in a rush and may need the items that are already available, sooner. We can make the exception and split your order for:

Germany: 2.90€

Rest of Europe: 7.90€ 

To split the order, you only need to contact our Customer Service team through our online contact form with your order number and a message that states your request. They will get back to you to confirm that the split has been made.

5. Can I change my order after it has already been placed?

You can, but only if the order has not been sent. Before that, we are able to change the size and colour of any of your garments or even add an item if it’s available on our website. You just need to contact us through our Contact Form. 

The same applies to a change of delivery address (see Delivery FAQs). 

6. As a sustainable brand, why offer Sale items?

We place all new garments on pre-order as this allows us to know how much stock to produce. Even so, it is only fair to give customers the right to withdraw and cancel an order they have already placed. This means that at the end of the pre-order window, there can be some excess stock. To make sure these handcrafted garments get used, we put them on Sale at a reduced price. We also hold seasonal sales for the same reason - while giving our customers an extra chance to shop sustainably.

Sale items are therefore goods that are made to the same high ecological standards as our pre-order clothing - after all, that’s how they started out! 


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