Water Repellent


Why run from the rain when you can embrace it? To keep you smiling in a summer shower - we bring you our parkas.

With a water repellent finish and lightweight lining, they feel as fresh as they look in our brightest colours. Stay cool and dry, rain or shine.

The Eday parka is made from organic cotton, which needs less irrigation than conventional cotton and is grown without the use of any pesticides. This is more sustainable and much better for the environment.

100% organic cotton, water repellent finish, double lining and loose fit.

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        Organic Cotton

        Nature needs nurture. And so do you.

        Beautifully pure and oh-so soft, organic cotton is grown with care instead of chemicals. A healthier fabric.

        That might sound odd but going organic ensures the well-being of the workers who pick cotton by hand, the environment, and ultimately your skin. The final fabric is not only highly breathable but completely pesticide and fertiliser free, with a lower water footprint than conventional cotton. By contrast, regular cotton wastes vast amounts of water, pollutes clean supplies and has caused entire ecosystems, such as the Aral Sea, to evaporate.

        An organic approach is clearly of necessity and also avoids the large-scale greenhouse gas emissions of pesticide production.

        Organic Cotton

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