1. What is the band doing to reduce its eco footprint whilst on tour?

We insist on our rider (food/drinks/goodies provided by venues) being completely free of plastic. We also try to get everyone (the band) to gig venues on the train, rather than letting everyone drive. If we travel by bus we give our support act a lift.

2. Which of your tracks best fits with TWOTHIRDS’ ocean-loving vibe and why?

I reckon it's Love and Light. It was inspired by one of us being together with someone who worked on the Sea Shepherd. We got a lot of insight into what they do, what they stand for, and that resonated with us a lot back then.

3. Is there one piece of clothing that is special to you?

I've got a very, very special ring. It's attached to a jacket and is from my great grandfather. I'm not sure if that counts. There's a lot of different shirts that I got when we lived in Australia. They mean a lot to me because I played a lot of shows in them.

4. If you could copy the style of one other artist, who would it be and why?

I like what Harry Styles wears. Jan really takes to Ziggy Alberts’ oversized, baggy looks, but yeah, we mainly just try to be individual with our clothing.

5. Spirituality is central to much of your songwriting. What role do you think it can play in reconnecting humanity with the natural world?

If you become more aware of who you are, why you're here, I think inadvertently you will appreciate more of your surroundings, nature, people, and seek inspiration not from material stuff, but things given to us for free. That mindset features a lot in our songs.

6. Is there an ocean location you would dream of playing? Have you ever played on a boat?

Cape Reinga is one. It’s the furthest northern point in New Zealand. We went there once, but it was so foggy that we couldn’t see our own hand in front of our eyes. We want to go back to record a song or live session there. We once played on a boat at the Reeperbahn Festival and loved it. Hopefully we can do that again!

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