Minimalism: where each object serves multiple purposes. Like a small wooden table - the place to take your coffee in the morning, and your meeting in the afternoon. Some minimalists even work from their wardrobe!

The day starts simply enough. As the breeze blows in from the window, you can enjoy the act of preparing your first cup of freshly made coffee. This lifestyle is all about appreciating the little things.

To create a minimalist capsule you’d choose quiet colours that result in serene, unified outfits. Clothing that can be easily combined for any occasion.

This takes the hassle out of getting ready. Perhaps you’d pick out our light stone Funen and wine red Texel, made of ecological fabrics that keep waste to a minimum.

Now the workday can truly begin. By having fewer objects around, focus is narrowed; distractions are minimal. An empty room leads to a clear mind, as author Fumio Sasaki suggests in his book goodbye, things

Like a single drop in a still lake - all clothing really needs is one unique detail. Our whale embroidery follows this simple principle.

Instead of having a bookcase filled with half-read tomes, the idea is to lighten the load. You’ll remember what it’s like to truly lose yourself in a book if it’s the only one you own.  

And so the day drifts by like a passing thought. It’s believed the less material objects we have, the calmer our lives become. Is it time to let things go?

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