Sustainable Headwear

What makes a beanie eco-friendly?

The main thing that makes a beanie eco-friendly are the sustainable fabrics it is made from. All of our sustainable beanies are made from fabrics like organic cotton and mulesing-free Merino wool, both of which treat the planet and animals with the respect they deserve.

Should I wear a sustainable headband or a sustainable scrunchie?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, because the best sustainable accessory option depends entirely on the look you’re shooting for. Our floral headbands tend to compliment our floral dresses and skirts, whereas our more earthen coloured scrunchies offer a subtle hint of additional style to any sustainable outfit.

Which sustainable headwear pieces are the warmest?

Although all our sustainable beanies provide excellent levels of comfort and warmth, it is perhaps our fold rib beanies that provide the best insulation. This is because they offer double the protection thanks to their fold design. Maybe it’s just us, but a cute, sustainable bobble beanie also feels warmer than its peers.