TWOTHIRDS of the world is covered by Ocean

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Fashion is a feeling. To stop it fading fast, we make clothing from sustainable and recycled materials that have a lower impact on the planet. In thought and action, we are eco-conscious.

TWOTHIRDS of our world is covered by ocean. It is what makes us who we are and what gives us so much joy.
We are committed to protecting what we love.

Our Customers Say

I ordered my knit sweater and got it within a few days. The quality is outstanding. It costs a little more but it is worth it! This sweater will keep me warm for many winters to come.

— Suzanne (Utrecht, Netherlands)

I am every day wearing this jacket. It is very practical and warm. Thanks, I like the two thirds style, it fits me very well ;)

— Claudia (Colleferro RM, Italy)

Like always very happy with my purchase. Reliable service.. Quick dispatch. Most of all very good quality clothing. It is worth paying more as the products last long. This was not my 1st purchase nor it will be the last. Keep up the good work guys!

— Danielle (Valkenburg, Netherlands)

Love the product design and quality. The dress is so flattering in style and color. Will continue to support this brand!

— Lauren (Crystal Lake, USA)

Very well-made clothes that always seem to look good on me, and items arrive in the USA very quickly, unless pre-ordered. Love this brand, thank you!

— Phillipe (Wilmington, USA)

Everything I've received has been excellent quality, comfortable, and durable. The colors are beautiful and the fits have been really accurate to what is described on the site. I really appreciate the company's transparency with production and shipping dates, and none of my orders have taken longer than expected to receive.

— Kelly (Montana, USA)