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Fashion is a feeling. To stop it fading fast, we make clothing from sustainable and recycled materials that have a lower impact on the planet. In thought and action, we are eco-conscious.

TWOTHIRDS of our planet is covered by ocean. It is what makes us who we are and what gives us so much joy.
We are committed to protecting what we love.

Our Customers Say

I recently purchased a dress made of Tencel from TWOTHIRDS, and I absolutely love it! The material, finish, and vintage design are all excellent. I hate shopping, so now that I found a label whose clothes and values appeal to me, I placed another order for a skirt, a jumper, and four shirts! I only wish they would get to the "great" category (from "good") on Goodonyou and they would be perfect!

— Aino (Helsinki, Finland)

Great shop, everything went very smoothly and well. The materials are beautiful and the colours are outstanding. You did a great shop. I love the dress and the sweater.

— Axel (Oldenburg, Germany)

I bought 2 pre-order items and they both shipped together (yay) and earlier than expected! The sweater is the softest cotton and most gorgeous style and design, the tee is simply great as well. TWOTHIRDS is definitely my favourite sustainable brand for the most beautiful and best-fitting knitted sweaters.

— Berniek (Meppel, Netherlands)