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Collection: T-Shirts for Men

One of a kind designs, eco materials. Quality that lasts.

T-Shirts for Men FAQs

  • What is the most eco-friendly shirt material?
    The term eco-friendly often relates to plant based materials like organic cotton, and tree based fibres like lyocell and sustainable viscose. However, recycled materials make use of existing resources, so they’re likely to be the most ‘eco-friendly’ option available.
  • What makes a t-shirt eco-friendly?
    All our eco t-shirts are made from materials that are kinder to the earth than conventional materials. This covers aspects such as water use, chemical use and carbon impact. They’re all Climate Neutral, meaning that any remaining emissions have been compensated for.
  • Do eco-friendly t-shirts require any extra care?
    Many natural materials require a little extra love, but they’re by no means high maintenance. For full information on how to care for your sustainable TWOTHIRDS garments, consult our garment care FAQ.


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