Collection: Shirts for Men

Nature’s smartest styles. Sustainable shirts made with soft, premium materials.

Shirts should be more than just workwear. Our eco-friendly range easily transitions from formal to relaxed, whatever the weather. Premium fabrics like organic micro corduroy ensure supreme comfort.

Shirts for Men FAQs

  • Why is sustainable clothing important?
    To protect habitats for future generations, we have to rethink what we wear. The fashion industry produces vast amounts of emissions, wastewater and unsold garments. Sustainable clothing offers a solution to that problem.
  • Can sustainable shirts be affordable?
    Our prices reflect the cost of fair labour and quality materials. All our pre-order shirts come with 20% off already applied because you’re helping us to avoid overproduction (when a brand produces more than they can sell).
  • Is a linen shirt more comfortable than a cotton one?
    Linen and organic cotton are both great choices for shirts. While linen is excellent for hot weather (being naturally temperature-regulating), organic cotton is breathable and soft. Why not try both?