Loungewear for Women FAQs

Is eco-friendly loungewear as comfortable as regular loungewear?

Yes, in fact it’s more comfortable than less sustainable loungewear alternatives. This is because the organic cotton and linen used to make much of our eco-friendly loungewear is made using no harmful chemicals or fertilisers, which makes the fabric kinder to sensitive skin. Such sustainable fabric is also incredibly soft to the touch, perfect for when you want to curl up on the sofa or read in bed.

Can I wear my loungewear when I’m out and about?

Absolutely! While some of our loungewear is meant for home use only, there are plenty of other pieces that are comfortable and stylish enough to wear to the shops or to brunch. After all, do you really need to be squeezing into a complex outfit on a Sunday morning, when all you want to do is gossip with your besties over a coffee while wearing eco-friendly threads?

Are harmful dyes used in the making of your loungewear?

We always endeavour to imbue our loungewear with beautiful, subtle colours that are inspired by nature. Wherever possible this is done using natural dyes that have a far lower environmental impact than other synthetic dyes, which rely on artificial chemicals prone to leaching into waterways and ecosystems.