Sustainable Sweatshirts for Women

What constitutes an eco-friendly hoodie?

A sweatshirt becomes a hoodie when designers add a hood and pouch pocket to its makeup. But an eco-friendly hoodie can only be made from sustainable materials, such as some of the ones we rely on: organic cotton, lyocell (TENCEL™) and recycled polyester.

Is my sweatshirt ethically made?

If it’s made by TWOTHIRDS then the answer is, yes! Each of our sweatshirts is handcrafted in Northern Portugal, a place where workers are treated with respect, both in terms of pay and working conditions.

What alternatives are there to organic cotton sweatshirts?

While the majority of our sustainable sweatshirts are made from organic cotton, due to the warmth and softness it provides, we are now attempting to shift towards more recycled and botanic fabrics that have even lower environmental impacts. One of the best alternatives to organic cotton that we currently boast in our range is botanic lyocell (TENCEL™), which is silky-soft and breathable. Then there’s recycled cotton, which allows us to create a sweatshirt without the need to use any raw materials, but that still has all of cotton’s beneficial properties.