Trousers for Men FAQs

Which sustainable trousers work best for each season?

The beauty of many of the sustainable fabrics we craft our trousers from is that they are incredibly versatile, enabling a wearer to stroll from season to season. Organic cords are ideal for chilly autumn/winter days, whereas organic cotton chinos and waffle fabric sweatpants breathe, just when you need them to, on hot spring/summer days. Meanwhile, our organic ocean denim is a true seasonal all-rounder.

Should eco-friendly trousers cover my ankles or set them free?

Before committing to buying a pair of our sustainable trousers you should be sure to select a trouser with the sort of leg length you wish to sport as part of an eco-friendly outfit. The bare ankle look is popular among our ocean loving community, because it acts to elongate a wearer’s leg (not literally) while also adding a lick of style. It can also be a comfortable look to go with when the weather is hot, but you don’t want to wear shorts. Of course, while setting your ankles free in winter can be risky, there are plenty of people who refuse to compromise on style. We’ll leave that tricky decision up to you!

What are the benefits of organic corduroy trousers?

The first and perhaps most important benefit to wearing organic cords are that they are good for the environment when compared to regular corduroy trousers. This is because they are ethically made, using a fraction of the water that’s required to make standard, non-organic cords. Then there are the other more material benefits to you, our beloved customer, that include the trousers being super soft to the touch and extra warm. The pieces in our sustainable range that feature organic corduroy also come in gorgeous earthy colours, which match great with a multitude of styles and outfit combinations.