Men’s Sustainable Jackets

How can I be certain I have bought a sustainable men’s jacket?

All our clothes put the planet and ocean first. Our ethical men’s jackets are no exception. Each and every sustainable men’s jacket design attempts to use the maximum amount of recycled materials, in order to reduce each garment’s environmental footprint. All the main eco-friendly selling points of each men’s sustainable jacket can be found on their respective product pages, where they are highlighted by bullet points. For further information regarding the eco-credentials of our sustainable jackets, there are plenty of enlightening articles found at our blog.

Which layers should I pair with a light or medium-weight ethical men’s jacket?

As the planet warms, we are noticing increased demand for light and medium weight sustainable men’s jackets. Such sustainable outer layers are great for when the weather can’t make up its mind what to do, but should always be part of well-layered outfits. There are plenty of tips out there on how great looks can incorporate a new ethical men’s jacket, but it’s hard to go wrong with men throwing a jacket over a sustainable t-shirt and sweatshirt combo. On colder days, why not mix in a high-neck knit and some organic a corduroy trousers. Just make sure you have one of our more heavyweight sustainable men’s jackets in reserve, just in case the cold really kicks in.

Is it ethical to buy a wool jacket?

It depends on how the wool was sourced. Some wool is sheared from sheep in such a way that is detrimental to the wellbeing of the animal, but all of the Merino wool and Shetland wool we use is mulesing-free, which ensures shearing is done in the most sensitive way possible. Each TWOTHIRDS wool sustainable men’s jacket is created with the blessing of some of the world’s happiest sheep.

What makes TWOTHIRDS sustainable men’s jackets an ethical choice for winter?

Our winter sustainable men’s jackets are made in accordance with ethical practices, using recycled materials and processes that respect the environment and workers' rights. They are the perfect choice for those who value ethical and sustainable fashion.

Does TWOTHIRDS offer ethical men's jackets that are both stylish and sustainable?

Definitely. Our collection of ethical men's jackets combines style and sustainability, ensuring you look good while supporting responsible fashion practices.

How does purchasing a TWOTHIRDS sustainable men’s jacket contribute to protecting the environment?

Every purchase of our sustainable men’s jackets is a win for the ocean. We are committed not only to sustainable fashion but also to actively advocating for environmental conservation.