Shirts for Women FAQs

Why does choosing a sustainable shirt matter?
As climate change negatively impacts the natural world, sustainability in the fashion industry has never been so important. Sustainable shirts are all about reducing the environmental footprint of the clothing itself, as well as the processes that create it. This gives customers confidence that the planet was cared for in the making of their eco-friendly shirt.
Are sustainable shirts affordable?
Because all our garments are made to European labour standards and with the best quality sustainable fabrics, our prices are sometimes higher than those found at fast fashion outlets. However, all our pre-order shirts come with a 20% discount, because by purchasing one you help us eradicate overproduction, which enables us to minimise environmentally harmful waste.
What are the benefits of Recover™ fabric in a shirt?
Recover™ takes the fashion industry’s waste fabric cuts, along with ocean plastic, and uses revolutionary techniques to repurpose those materials into high-quality recycled fabrics. This means that any garment made from Recover™ is the ultimate in sustainability. Recover™ pieces are also known for their resilience and being super soft to the touch.