Sustainable Pants for Women

Which styles of sustainable pants should I look for?

We come at you with a multitude of waist heights, leg cuts and fabric selections, to ensure that all sustainable trouser style preferences are catered for. High-waisted pants look great as part of any vintage outfit. Bell style sustainable pants for women give incredible volume to your latest look. Slim fits create a streamlined feel that hugs and flatters in all the right places.

How do I judge which sustainable pants for women are right for me?

All our women’s sustainable pants, jeans and sweatpants come with a detailed product description on our website. Towards the bottom of this product description is a section of text in italics that details the height of the model and the size of eco pants she’s wearing. This enables you to judge which styles and sizes will work best for you.

Should I include organic cords in my collection of eco-friendly pants for women?

Yes, yes you should, because they are unbelievably soft, wonderfully warm and are crafted from organic cotton, which drastically cuts water usage and has a reduced carbon footprint. Remember that the ribs on our sustainable organic cords can vary in size, from micro corduroy all the way through to chunkier ribs.

Which sustainable pants can I wear all year long?

At TWOTHIRDS we work with incredibly versatile sustainable fabrics that enable you to wear your favorite sustainable pants for women all year long. Our organic ocean denim is the best choice for every season, organic cords will keep you warm on autumn/winter days and linen sustainable pants are the perfect breathable option for a hot summer’s day.