Underwear for Women FAQs

What are the benefits of seamless underwear?

While not every single item in our underwear range is seamless, the vast majority are. This is because going seamless means less friction and less opportunities for an item to degrade. Combine a seamless design with high-quality, sustainable fabrics like the ones we use, and underwear is created that is eminently comfortable, flexible and long lasting.

Which fabrics work best for underwear?

Most of our ethically made underwear is made from organic cotton, which we then blend with recycled plastic fibres such as recycled polyamide. The recycled plastic fibres bolster the structure and durability of an item, and because it’s recycled, it often means it played a part in keeping our oceans free of plastic waste. We also use a small percentage of elastane in some of our underwear, which is necessary to give it the flexibility you would expect from our high-quality underwear.

How can I care for my new TWOTHIRDS underwear so it lasts?

Good question! The key to long lasting and sustainable underwear is washing and drying it correctly, so that you can rely on it every day, without any loss of comfort or usability. Always try to wash your eco-friendly underwear using natural detergents. If possible, it’s also best to air dry your sustainable underwear, either on a line or lying flat, on a clean surface, in the sun. The latter technique avoids newly washed underwear stretching out of shape.