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Sustainable Mugs

How much liquid do your sustainable ceramic mugs hold?

The capacity of each of our sustainable mugs can be found on their respective product pages on our website. Some of them hold 33cl and others fit 47.5cl. Who knows what sizes we’ll come up with in the future!

Can I drink hot and cold drinks from my ceramic mug?

All our ceramic mugs are designed to keep your steaming coffee or tea nice and warm, while ensuring your fingers don’t overheat. We think our mugs get the balance just right when it comes to temperature control. They look pretty cool, too!

What do you mean by BPA-free?

BPA is the abbreviation that denotes the chemical Bisphenol A. This harmful chemical is used in the production of many plastics and is best avoided. It is for this reason that drinking from sustainable ceramic mugs like ours, which are BPA-free, is always preferable to swigging from plastic cups or bottles.