Swimwear for Women FAQs

What is eco-friendly swimwear?
Eco-friendly swimwear includes bikinis, swimsuits and boardshorts, all of which are made from fully sustainable materials and are produced in an ethical way.
Do the fabrics used in TWOTHIRDS swimwear care for the ocean?
We search constantly for innovative fabrics that can reduce the water and carbon footprints of our swimwear range. Some of the sustainable fabrics we currently turn to include ECONYL® regenerated polyamide, recycled polyester and SEAQUAL®: recycled plastics. All of these fabrics involve taking plastic waste materials, that could otherwise be ocean-bound, and using ingenious processes to transform them into fibres with remarkable properties, perfect for connecting you to the ocean you love.
Should I get an eco-friendly bikini or a swimsuit?
There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. Sustainable swimsuits are certainly making a strong comeback in the eco fashion world, as people are drawn to the vintage vibes they exude, enabling wearers to pair them with stylish sunglasses and other eco-friendly accessories. Meanwhile, eco-friendly bikinis now come in so many shapes and sizes that there is usually a design to suit every taste and body type.