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Sustainable Bags

Who makes your beautiful tote bag designs?

Since TWOTHIRDS’ inception we have been renowned for our striking print designs, whether they have appeared on t-shirts or sustainable totes. All our designs are dreamed up in-house by our Barcelona-based creatives, whose deep connection to the ocean is evident in all their slow fashion creations.

Should I get a tote with a zip?

While traditional totes bags are super stylish, one of their main drawbacks is that they are sometimes a little too accessible to prying hands. Our sustainable zip totes solve this issue and are made from incredibly durable and soft organic cotton.

Are your tote bags vegan friendly?

Vegan ocean lovers can rest easy, knowing that all our sustainable bags are 100% vegan friendly. We wouldn’t have it any other way! You can always double check this is the case by keeping an eye out for our vegan icon featured on our website’s product pages and product labels.