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Honden - Petal Rose
Honden - Petal Rose
Honden - Petal Rose
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Cappagh - Ikat Print Burgundy
Cappagh - Ikat Print Burgundy
Cappagh - Ikat Print Burgundy
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Sustainable Dresses for Women

What are sustainable dresses?

Sustainable dresses are those made to support the planet, rather than damage it. At TWOTHIRDS, we work hard to make sure that all of our ocean-friendly dresses are constructed from natural, recycled or botanic fibres. Each one embodies our philosophy of protecting the ocean and is especially durable.

What makes TWOTHIRDS a sustainable dress brand?

There are many reasons why TWOTHIRDS is classed as a top sustainable dress brand. Here are a few: We eliminate overproduction with a PRE-ORDER system, making our production process as sustainable as can be. We only work with eco-friendly fabrics to produce our ethically sourced dresses. We deliver your eco dress in zero-plastic packaging.

What are eco-friendly dresses made from?

Rest assured, all of our eco-friendly dresses are crafted from natural, botanic or recycled fabrics. Depending on the season, we choose the fabrics that will be most comfortable. Lightweight fabrics like LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose are perfect for summer, whereas organic corduroy is our best choice for autumn and winter styles.

How to wear your new ethical dresses.

When it comes to knitted dresses, and ethical dresses in general, we like to let a garment breathe and speak for itself. A gorgeous knitted dress can be the centrepiece of any outfit. With a pair of sustainable sneakers, sandals or boots, your look will remain effortlessly minimal and chic.

What are fair trade dresses?

Fair trade dresses are products that, when bought, guarantee that the people who produce them will receive fair wages and have their workers’ rights protected. This means that, when you buy a fair trade dress, you are not only helping the planet but small producers too.