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Outerwear for inner joy. Eco-friendly jackets crafted with attention to detail, style and impact.

It’s okay to fall in love with our jackets. They’re longlasting, versatile; warm. Incredible style and eco credentials come courtesy of organic corduroy, recycled polyester and Mulesing-free wool.

Jackets for Women FAQs

  • Are puffer jackets ethical?
    That depends entirely on how they’re made… and if they contain feathers. Luckily, all of our garments are produced in Northern Portugal under good labour standards. None of our puffer jackets contain feathers, because we take animal welfare seriously and can keep you just as cosy in recycled polyester padding. So yes, these puffer jackets are ethical!
  • How can outerwear be sustainable?
    We take extra care over our outerwear, making sure every detail is ecological. Consider our renewably sourced water-repellent finish: Teflon EcoElite™. Or our recycled polyester sherpa linings. Or our mulesing-free wool that’s endlessly durable!
  • What to wear under a TWOTHIRDS wool coat?
    A timeless dilemma. We recommend pairing our midweight wool jackets with a thick sustainable knit if you live in icy climates. In a more temperate climate, like Barcelona, you can even get away with a shirt…

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