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Sustainable Knits for Men

What are recycled knits?

Our recycled men’s knits are made of special yarns made from recycled and organic materials. Meet the waste solution you can wear with our sustainable knitwear.

Will my ethical sweaters shrink?

A tiny amount of shrinkage is to be expected with clothing made from organic fibres that are treated with less harmful chemicals, but we always recommend washing your ethical sweaters on low temperatures and drying them flat to avoid stretching.

How to take care of wool sustainable knits?

Wool sustainable knitwear doesn’t need to be washed as frequently as other garments and can be spot cleaned. For more specialised tips, check out our wool care blog post.

What makes TWOTHIRDS eco-friendly knitwear yarn sustainable?

At TWOTHIRDS, our commitment to sustainable fashion is reflected in our collection of sustainable knit yarns. We use recycled materials and ethical processes to ensure that each knitwear item is not only stylish but also environmentally friendly.

How do TWOTHIRDS ethical sweaters contribute to responsible fashion?

Our ethical sweaters are designed with ecological responsibility in mind. From material selection to manufacturing practices, we ensure every step supports sustainable fashion ethics.

How do TWOTHIRDS ethically made knitwear support ecology?

By choosing sustainable knitwear, we support practices that reduce environmental impact, promoting a greener and more sustainable future.