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Floral Neck - Dusty Floral
Floral Neck - Dusty Floral
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Sustainable Neckwear

Should I always buy matching sustainable headwear and neckwear?

There is something to be said for matching sustainable headwear and neckwear. Many of our pieces complement each other when it comes to the colours and design patterns they show off. However, the beauty of all TWOTHIRDS eco accessories is that they are eminently interchangeable, meaning you can get as creative as you want when pairing sustainable headwear and neckwear.

Why are many of your eco-friendly neck warmers and scarves made of Merino wool?

A sustainable scarf or neck warmer needs to be able to keep the chin and neck of its wearer as toasty as possible, but without creating irritation and discomfort that can arise from the buildup of breath droplets and condensation. Mulesing-free Merino wool is perfect for avoiding such discomfort, because this natural fabric is breathable and even has temperature regulating properties.

Is sustainable neckwear just for winter?

Not at all! Many of our sustainable neckwear pieces are as much about rounding off the perfect eco-friendly outfit’s look, as they are about being functional. We constantly stock beautiful lightweight scarves, shawls and capelets, all of which can be worn year round.