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Our Sailor

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Our Sailor
We are in love with our new SS18 designs from our Art Director — Emil Kozak, especially with ‘the sailor’.
We have launched an extensive capsule to honour this beautiful and iconic design. 
Read about Emil’s inspiration and the making below. 

How do you come up with your designs?
Do you just start scribbling or is it a conceptual thinking process?
It is a combination of both. Usually I keep a notebook or some sheets of paper around for doodles and ideas, then I work on the ones i like on the computer.

Does your sailor have a name or even a nationality?
I actually call him Vaskingo, because he is a mix between a basque sailor and a viking :-) So, that makes him half Spanish and half Danish.

What does the ocean mean to you personally?
The ocean (and nature in general) gives me a sense of belonging, peace and energy.

Our Milos Tee comes in three different colours, made in soft cotton and are perfect for warm summer days.

The Sailor also comes in a soft sweatshirt. Best worn straight after your surf session or with a pair of shorts during the day, this sweater will be your favourite this summer. 
No more plastic! That's something we really work hard to achieve at TWOTHIRDS. And of course we wanted to add our Sailor to this seasons totebags.