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Sustainable fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2022

5 min read

Sustainable fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2022

What’s this? We hear you ask. Sustainable and trends, together in the same sentence? But, but, but… aren’t they incompatible? 

Yes and no. You’d be right in thinking that sustainability is supposed to last, while trends fade into fad. They’re here one season, gone the next. Except, like all things earthly: sustainable fashion has its seasons too.  

Within each of these, clear patterns emerge. Some trends you’ll have seen growing in popularity across the fashion world. While others bear no resemblance to the edginess parading down the runways of Paris, London or Milan - and that’s sort of the point. When we talk about sustainable fashion trends we’re really looking for designs that are having a moment right now and that will be wearable well into the future. 

Spring 2022 and Summer 2022

This post focuses on 7 current trends for Spring 2022 and Summer 2022. Here’s a rundown of our picks - you can jump to each one by clicking on the subheadings below. 

Table of Contents

  1. Stripes in trending colours
  2. Capsule wardrobes
  3. Muslin fabrics
  4. ‘70s looks 
  5. Terry textured Swimwear
  6. Floral prints
  7. The Timeless Trend

As an ocean-inspired brand, we have a soft spot for stripes and it’s the new colours that really set Spring 2022 apart. Soft Lilac, Pink and Peach are receiving a major uptick in popularity, which we expect to continue well into summer. Such pastel tones are a step-back from the intensity of the Spring fashion palette - involving bright colours and chaotic combos - making them far easier to wear. In striped styles, they offer a refreshing twist on an old classic, which is why we know they’ll last. You’ll find these sumptuous shades in our new collection of women’s tops. 

Capsule wardrobes 

By early 2022, the hashtag #capsulewardrobe already had 50.5 million views on TikTok. So what is a capsule wardrobe? Think of it as the fashion equivalent of a spring clean. Clean looks, clean wardrobe, clean slate. Capsule wardrobes will shatter the illusion that none of your clothes match, because every piece matches. The idea would be to pick a limited number of Spring clothes for women that are interchangeable. You might want to focus on neutral colours from these categories:

Versatile jumpsuits and dungarees are also common choices. Our tip? Seek out high-quality garments made from sustainable fabrics like Linen and TENCEL™ Lyocell, as well as atemporal pieces that you won’t need to replace further down the line. 

Creating a capsule wardrobe is fun and practical. It also helps to focus your taste on what you really like, and avoid buying garments on a whim. If you’re short on ideas, TikTok would be your one-stop-shop for tutorials. While you’re at it, why not follow us too?

Muslin fabrics

Nobody saw this one coming. Well maybe we did, a little. Muslin is a loosely woven fabric that has a beautiful wavy texture - making it just right for ocean lovers. It’s fast becoming one of the latest fashion trends for Summer 2022. Our designers started working with muslin earlier this year and are now producing several cornerstone pieces. If you’re new to this trend, try out some shirts to get a feel for the fabric. We produce them in sustainable organic cotton.  

‘70s looks 

We’re going to see another ‘70s revival in Summer 2022, with Vogue reporting that a “New Age” fashion trend is on the horizon. Our take on this everlasting era veers away from the spiritual and into the surf, repurposing elements from our favourite subculture. Think bubble lettering and contrasting sleeves, vintage dyes and breezy beach dresses. At the more sophisticated end of the scale, ‘70s staples like culottes strike the perfect note between relaxed and stylish. Given that the ‘70s are always coming back around, we’re sure that this sustainable trend is here to stay. 

Terry textured swimwear

Last summer, terry cloth swimwear became a momentary fashion trend. This year, we’ve made it sustainable. For context: terry is the kind of fabric you’ll typically find in loungewear and towels - because it has a soft, 3-D feel. 

Our swimwear designer, Marina explains why it works in this new format: “this fabric adapts very well to the body and has a special texture that invokes a nostalgic feeling.” That’s the kind of swimwear trend we were hoping for as we looked ahead to those sparkling summer days immersed in the Mediterranean sea.

Our terry textured swimwear has an eco-friendly composition involving both ECONYL® regenerated polyamide and stretchy elastane! 

Floral prints

In nature as well as fashion trends, flowers are an important sign of Spring, and subsequently: Summer. Style authority, Who What Wear UK confirm that retro florals are one of the print trends guaranteed to make you smile in Summer 2022!

You’ll see this evidenced mainly in dresses: versatile pieces that can be worn both formally and at summer parties. As many have noted, the floral trend comes and goes in cycles and is a feminine classic.

If you want to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe in a more subtle way, try adding a beautiful sustainable headscarf

The Timeless Trend

Let’s end as we began: with a fashionable contradiction. As Xoana from our photoshoot team so aptly put it: “things that don’t go out of fashion are now very much in fashion.” For truly timeless clothes, choose items that are made to last and are proven to come back again and again. Regarding spring clothes for women and summer fashion, this could include wide-leg trousers, sustainable jeans, and light outerwear - or for that matter, any of the trends we’ve highlighted above!