Knits for Women FAQs

What is a recycled knit?
Recycled knits shun the need for raw materials, instead relying on high-quality materials that already exist and therefore have a far smaller environmental impact. Check out the bullet points in the product descriptions for each of our knits, where it will be explained whether a knit is made from 100% recycled yarns or partially recycled materials.
Will my sustainable knitwear shrink?
It’s difficult to eliminate shrinkage altogether during the washing process, but sustainable knitwear is no more susceptible than its non-sustainable peers. The key to avoiding shrinkage is to hand wash sustainable knits in tepid water, a practice that’s kind to your clothing and better for the environment than machine washing.
How else can I care for my new TWOTHIRDS knit?
Do sheep take a daily bath? No, so it stands to reason that the worst thing you can do with your wool knit is wash it after every use. Instead, leave it to air on a flat surface (this avoids it stretching) and gently spot clean any pesky stains. For further tips on how to keep your wool knit in tip-top shape, consult our blog (Wool Knits: How to make them last).