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An ocean-lover steps through the door after a freezing surf session. She reaches for an outfit that feels like home. A new playlist’s tunes fill the pine scented cabin. She hums a chorus and dresses only for herself. This is her Après Surf moment.

Colour blocks, uplifting stripes, cosy textures, and bold patterns: A secret blend that provides the warmth and comfort she has come to rely on. Rain drops tap gently on her windows. Coffee aromas emanate from the stove.

Ready for a day spent at home, or in the confines of a welcoming café, she smiles at the thought of being amongst friends, family, or lost in the pages of an escapist book.

Such intuitive winter outfits require little accessorising, but a well-chosen bucket hat or organic cotton tote bag never look out of place.

Layers are added or shed as she sees fit. Such minimalist pieces interchange with ease, to create total looks that are effortless on the eye, delicate on the skin, and as timeless as nature herself.  

Just as she collects memories of waves surfed and moments lived, she carefully curates pieces that compliment her sustainable wardrobe – all with a little help from TWOTHIRDS, a sanctuary for ocean-lovers everywhere. 

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