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Dear Ocean Lovers,
Are you also confused?

Sad that summer is over and you can not splash around in your favorite element anymore, but also somehow you're looking forward to autumn colors, cozy jumpers,
tea and hot chocolates?

Well, we have another reason to, even as a surfer, mermaid or beach walker, love the colder season with its winds and fresh air. Especially if you are generation “Save the Whales“ who do you think at first when I talk about a red beanie?
Oui, mais bien sur Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau!

Even if we do not have a red beanie on offer this season, we not only owe Jacque
the coolness of beanies in combination with the ocean and activities in it,
we owe him the Ocean!

Born in 1984, I grew up buying magazines with Whale song CD’s in them, supported Greenpeace and recorded all the adventures of the Calypso
(Jacques research boat) on VHS. Just recently the biographic movie “ L'Odyssée“ about the Cousteau Clan came into the cinemas and reminded me Jacques’ and the Calypso Team’s huge achievements and heritage for the world.
Thanks to his great passion for the ocean and being brave and adventurous instead of sceptical and scared, he co-developed the first Aqua Lung. He explored and made accessible to everybody a completely new world which covers 2/3rd of our planet!
Grace à Jacques Cousteau we can now breathe underwater and be less scared about it, and even for people who did/do not want to explore the big blue themselves, the Team of the Calypso produced many movies and TV series about the underwater world and its animals.

“Il y a 30 ans j’ai vu l’entrée à un endroit secret,
Je voulais le conquérir, mais en fait il fallait le protéger!”

Even if it took his son Philippe some arguments to bring his father to the conservation side, Jacque is the pioneer of Ocean Conservation and protection who inspired and formed generations to protect what they love and know, only because of him...
Merci beaucoup Jacques Cousteau,

#weareocean #childrenoftheocean