Sustainable Bottoms for Kids

Are your bottoms flexible enough for kids to play in?

Absolutely! All our sustainable bottoms are designed especially to ensure a full range of motion for every kid who wears them. It’s for this reason that many of our eco-friendly bottoms come in comfy, loose and relaxed cuts, so that kids can express themselves, without ever being held back by the outfit they wear.

Is linen a good fabric for my kids to wear?

100% it is! Linen is something of a magic fabric, which despite being incredibly durable manages to soften each time it is washed. This means your little ones will progressively fall more and more in love with any linen bottoms you buy for them. As well as being beautifully tactile, linen boasts natural temperature regulating properties, making it perfect for sweltering spring and summer days spent playing outdoors.

We live a vegan lifestyle. Are your bottoms suitable for vegans?

We make it as easy as possible for vegans to spot if a piece of our sustainable kids clothing is suitable for them. On each vegan product’s description page we include our vegan icon, as well as mentioning that the item is vegan-friendly in the description’s bullet points.