Sustainable One-Pieces for Kids

What is a sustainable one-piece? Is a dress a one-piece?

In the kids section of our website the term “one-piece” covers everything from dresses to dungarees, or any item of clothing that covers the top and bottom portions of a body. A sustainable one-piece is a garment that fits this criteria, but that goes the extra mile for the planet – made of sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton or organic linen.

What are the benefits of one-pieces made of organic cotton muslin?

The main benefits of organic cotton muslin are its softness and breathability, both of which have to be experienced to be believed. Just ask your kids and they will tell you how good organic cotton muslin feels on their skin. Because it’s organically farmed, the cotton this material is made from also has a much reduced carbon and water footprint when compared to standard non-organic cotton.

Where are your eco-friendly one-pieces made?

All of our eco-friendly one-pieces are made in Portugal by expert craftsmen and women, whose skills have been passed down through generations. We ensure that all our suppliers pay at least a living wage and treat all their people with dignity and respect. Perhaps that’s why all Children of the Ocean products feel as though they’ve been made with genuine love and attention to detail.