Valdearenas - Multicolour Blue Valdearenas - Multicolour Blue Last units

Valdearenas - Multicolour Blue

$51.00 $127.00Sale

Poetto - Henna Poetto - Henna Last units

Poetto - Henna

$33.00 Sale

Manly - Mustard Manly - Mustard Last units

Manly - Mustard

$111.00 $222.00Sale

Pantín - Dusty Orange Pantín - Dusty Orange Last units

Pantín - Dusty Orange

$51.00 $127.00Sale

Island - Iced Aqua Island - Iced Aqua Last units

Island - Iced Aqua

$60.00 $119.00Sale

Aguçadoura - Beige Aguçadoura - Beige Last units

Aguçadoura - Beige

$76.00 $191.00Sale

Berchidda - Ecru with Neps Berchidda - Ecru with Neps Last units

Berchidda - Ecru with Neps

$35.00 $58.00Sale

Pula - Dusty Pink Pula - Dusty Pink Last units

Pula - Dusty Pink

$35.00 $58.00Sale

Pula - Seafoam Green Pula - Seafoam Green Sold out

Pula - Seafoam Green

Sold out

Farrell - Ecru with Multicolor Neps Farrell - Ecru with Multicolor Neps Last units

Farrell - Ecru with Multicolor Neps

$32.00 $80.00Sale

Cerrito - Stone Cerrito - Stone Last units

Cerrito - Stone

$35.00 $72.00Sale

San Antolín - Blue Steel San Antolín - Blue Steel Last units

San Antolín - Blue Steel

$31.00 $62.00Sale

San Juan - Natural San Juan - Natural Last units

San Juan - Natural

$27.00 $54.00Sale

Whitehaven - Shell Whitehaven - Shell Last units

Whitehaven - Shell

$52.00 Sale

Puço - Dusty Peach Puço - Dusty Peach

Puço - Dusty Peach

$127.00 $254.00Sale

Estagnots - Desert Sand Estagnots - Desert Sand Last units

Estagnots - Desert Sand

$42.00 $69.00Sale

Liebres - Off White Liebres - Off White Last units

Liebres - Off White

$24.00 $48.00Sale

Azero - Cinnamon Azero - Cinnamon Last units

Azero - Cinnamon

$44.00 $87.00Sale

Tops for Kids FAQs

How do I know my kid’s skin will be cared for?
Many of our kid’s tops are made from organic cotton fabric. No harmful chemicals or pesticides are used in the farming of such cotton, meaning it is super soft and gentle. Perfect for their sensitive skin!
What does Children of the Ocean stand for?
Children of the Ocean was launched to reconnect children with nature, by encouraging them to ditch their screens and to head outside. All kids clothing at TWOTHIRDS now falls under the Children of the Ocean banner, with this range for little ones boasting its own distinctive style and design motifs. Fun and play is at the heart of everything Children of the Ocean does.
Which sustainable top size should I choose for my little one?
Our kids sizings are done a little differently, with age ranges displayed. All Children of the Ocean tops come in slightly oversized fits, so that even the biggest growth spurt is accounted for by a new sustainable t-shirt, knit, sweatshirt or jacket.