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Sustainable Blankets & Towels

What is SEAQUAL® and why are some TWOTHIRDS towels made of it?

There are many benefits of SEAQUAL®. It is an eco-friendly fabric made of fully recycled plastics, 10% of which are ocean plastic waste that has been salvaged from natural habitats. We use it in our towels and beach blankets because of its inherent stretch, strength and versatility.

What’s the difference between a home towel and a beach blanket?

Our sustainable and spacious beach blankets and towels are designed to provide a cool and soft area to play, sunbathe or snack on while you’re down the beach. In contrast, our eco-friendly home towels are made from more absorbent material like organic cotton, so you can dry yourself off properly and stay warm after a long surf session or open water swim, but also use them at home as regular towels. Home towels come in a smaller “hands” size and a bigger “shower” size. Why not grab a few sets!

What can I do if the towel or blanket I want has sold out?

It’s true that some of our most popular sustainable towel and beach blanket designs sell out fast. Don’t panic if the one you want has run out. Head to the item’s product page on our website and click the “Notify When Available” button, so that the next time the item becomes available you will be the first to know about it.